Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Destination: Chicago

A few weeks back I headed to Chicago to visit some friends and get some family photos. Baby Nolan was almost 6 months old and cute as can be.

Sitting up all on his own!

Hanging with my mom and dad ;)

One of my all-time favorites.... look at that smile! And I love how the blue steps bring out those gorgeous eyes

A nice family portrait.

Practicing his jumping skills with dad

Toooo cute!

Love this one too... mom and dad look so proud :)

I imagine he's thinking "Why'd you leave me on the slide all by myself?! Please come save me!"

At lunch, Nolan was completely in love with our waitress.. smiled every time he saw her

With my busy travel schedule I'm often in locations other than Vegas. If you live in an area other than Las Vegas and are interested in family portraits, engagement session, or any other type of shoot contact me to see if I'll be in your area.

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ChrisH said...

cute kid. dad looks like a fruitcake though. I think I've seen him walking around boystown