Friday, July 18, 2008

Kristen & Brock: Wedding

After a crazy few weeks I am back on the west coast, though not quite home yet :) I'm in California this week and will be back home in Vegas late Monday night. I've had limited access to the internet this week which has led me to realize that I'm an addict. I see an iPhone in my future because I cannot live without email :) (and I'm doing so much traveling this yea).

Anyway! Last weekend I shot the fabulous wedding of Kristen and Brock in Wilmington, Deleware. You know it is gonna be a good day when this is the smiling face that greets you:

Love this shot of her mom smiling at her, you can feel the love!

Stunning bride

TEN beautiful bridesmaids

Following the ceremony I grabbed this quick shot of them kissing in the sunlight from one of the church windows, I wanted to make the church go dark and have them stand out.

Before the reception, we stopped by the absolutely GORGEOUS Brantwyn Estate that was just across the street from the reception venue. There were tons of awesome spots for portraits, but I loved this grassy field (don't find these in Vegas!).

Kristen was a total trooper and climbed right in the field. It's hard to SEE just how hot, humid, sticky, and buggy it is from the photos... but believe me it was.

I figured if they were gonna be brave I would too. I was actually sitting in the field in my knee-length skirt trying not to think about what might be crawling on me :) I think it was worth it, love these shots!

The gorgeous estate in the background. This is actually the back side, and this image doesn't really show you just how massive it actually is so you'll just have to take my word for it :)

A quick back-lit portrait

There is just something about this shot I really love. There was such beautiful window light, and it feels like shes floating in a sea of wedding dress.

Stunning staircase in the entryway.

And of course they have to ride in style in this awesome Rolls Royce. There I am in the reflection!

The reception was held at the equally beautiful DuPont Country Club

My favorite part of the wedding... cake!

And finally the happy couple during their first dance. An awesome day.

**This wedding also helped me knock off #10 on my 101 things to do in 1001 days, by shooting a wedding in one of the 33 states I hadn't yet. Now I've photographed weddings in 18 states, and Washington DC!**


Mint & Sage Photographic Artists said...

I love the church shot! Very dramatic!!

Tiffany Izatt said...

very beautiful and elegant, i love the lighting in some they are awesome