Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kristy & Mike: Wedding

This past weekend I shot a wonderful wedding at The Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA. Now you know why I've been behind in my blogging, I've been shooting in Vegas, Arizona, California and now Pennsylvania in just a couple weeks!

I grew up in PA, and coming back after 7 years of living on the other side of the country is refreshing. I love the colonial architecture, and the beautiful greenery and golden fields. I'm going to try to take a day while I'm back here to photograph some of the beauty and share it with you all :)

Anyway, back to the wedding:

I loved this corset detail on the back of her dress

The threads of her dress had hints of gold and pink, it was so beautiful!

Loving the big blue sky, nice green grass, and beautiful architecture!

I love how happy they both look during their first dance, the sang to each other the whole time. How sweet is that? :)

This is the view of the tent their reception was held in outside of the museum at dusk, beautiful sky!

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