Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tiffany & Jay: Wedding

Tuesday night I shot an unusual wedding... on a helicopter! It was a different type of shoot for me, I didn't do a full 8 hour day as I normally do. Instead, I just shot some quick portraits at the Bellagio where Jay and Tiffany were staying then headed off for the ceremony on the helicopter!

Some quick details

The stunningly beautiful bride

The very happy and handsome groom

I just loved how they were constantly making each other laugh

Just before take off... A little tidbit about me is that though I fly often, I actually am really afraid of flying :) soooo I was a bit nervous at this moment!!

Amazing view

The ceremony.. exchanging the rings. I wasn't allowed to use flash due to safety reasons so I had to rely solely on the videographer's light. It was a tight squeeze with me, the videographer, and the minister in the backseat and Jay, Tiffany and our pilot up front.

Very happily married :)

The beautiful view from their room

Thanks so much Tiffany and Jay for this awesome opportunity to shoot your wedding, I had a blast hanging out with you two! Best of luck! :)


MSD Photography said...

Awesome job! Especially in such a difficult lighting situation. I hope we can see you at our Cinco De Mayo Party!!

Green Orchid Events said...

How awesome!! What an experience!

Chelsea Nicole said...

Ooo a helicopter wedding - How fun!! I love the shot where they are kissing by the plane. :) Great photos miss Ashley!