Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tawnya & Emmanuel: Wedding

Early in the morning on November 2nd I shot a lovely wedding at Wildhorse Golf Club. The coordination was done by the awesome Christie of CLM Weddings.

We began with Tawnya getting ready, she had so many beautiful details.

Her gorgeous dress, I love the lace detail

Birdcage veil! So much fun!

How gorgeous is she?!

Emmanuel watching his bride walk down the aisle. Look at that big smile!

Tawny was pretty happy too ;)

It was a GORGEOUS day.

Exchanging rings, my second shooter captured this awesome close up.

Instead of doing a unity candle or sand ceremony they decided to set a clock at the moment they were officially married. I loved this unique touch. 10:34am


The whole bridal party, the ring bearer decided to join us at the last moment ;)

Some portraits of the happy couple.

Thanks to my second shooter for these next two shots; Loving Tawnya's expression in this one.

Working with the mid-day light. I think it worked pretty well, they look stunning!

The groom looking handsome.

One of my favorite ring shots ever

The simple, gorgeous centerpieces.


Clare Day said...

I love the beautiful contrast of their skins, so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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