Thursday, October 02, 2008

Katrina & Mark: Wedding

Just a few days after their lovely engagement session, I shot Katrina and Mark's beautiful wedding.

One of my all-time favorite dress shots

Another stunning bride

I was in love with this dress! The bride's sister designed it and it was custom made for her in the Philippines. Isn't the detail gorgeous?

Checking herself out in the mirror

A moment during the ceremony at the church

Mark is a teacher and these are his students! The children's choir sung throughout the ceremony, a beautiful and touching element.

I just thought these knee socks and shoes were so cute!

First time I ever had an all yellow bouquet. Gorgeous!

An antique-y feeling portrait

Mark gave Katrina a few spins on the lawn. Just love the light and their expressions!

It was a truly beautiful day. Lots of beautiful sunlight and a bright blue sky.


I don't know what it is about this shot but it is one of my very favorites. Check out my second shooter blending into the background on the left!

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Paula Watts Photography said...

ash! I am so proud of your obvious thriving wedding photography business! You're images just keep getting more beautiful and more beautiful! i am always so amazed at your talent!