Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tyler: Two weeks old

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Lindsay and Josh and their 2 week old baby boy Tyler for his first photo shoot. Tyler will be having a first year documentary photographer package, so except to see lots more of him over the next year :)

Isn't he so beautiful?

Snuggling up with mom

The whole new family :)

Gotta get some snuggles with dad, too


MSD Photography said...

He's adorable! Mom and dad must be soooo proud. Great photos Ashley. I love the B&W one's especially.

Leah said...

What is that thing that his diaper is fastened with, it looks ingenius! Great pics!

Lindsay said...

It's a Snappi! We use it to fasten a prefold cloth diaper instead of pins. Makes diaper changes a breeze. :)

Kimberly P. said...

That's a truly lovely baby. Good work, guys.