Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kaylynn and Bill: Featured on Wedding Podcast Network

My clients and friends from a September 07 wedding at the Wynn were recently featured on The Wedding Podcast Network, a really cool site offering many different podcasts on various wedding related topics. Kaylynn and Bill are featured on the newlywedcast, a popular section featuring recently married couples talking about their wedding planning process and wedding.

Among the other topics Kaylynn and Bill discuss, they say some very nice things about me (thanks!). Specifically, Kaylnn addressed the importance of the relationship between photographer and client. I've highlighted some of what Kaylynn had to say below, but to check out the full podcast go here.

Ashley Bartoletti was our photographer and she's phenomenal, and we actually... Tracey helped me find her and we met at a hotel. It's funny, when I came down to meet Tracey for the very first time, I met with a couple of different vendors. I met with a make up artist and I met with Ashley who's the photographer... and it kind of just happened that we were all running just a little bit late. So it happened that the makeup artist was there at the same time that Ashley was there. so it was kind of this really fun meeting where we had sort of a girl party where we were talking about photography with Ashley and talking about makeup with the makeup artist and Tracey was there, and it just kind of felt perfect. Her photography style is very life-style oriented I did like some of the traditional wedding poses and things you know that you traditionally do, but I really wanted to capture the wedding and the life of the wedding so I really wanted her to spend most of her time taking pictures of people having fun and not really posed pictures, and she just loved that idea. It was more editorial than it was posed photos. We just really, really clicked. She was so accommodating and really got what we wanted. She really just understood our style. The night before the wedding I think it was we had our pre-photoshoot so we walked around the Wynn with her and it was fun. She's just a really fun person to be around. She doesn't make you feel awkward and she gave us some really good pointers and just beautiful photography. Really, really beautiful. She just kind of knows... she just kind of I think intuitively got our personality and was really able to capture that on film.

Tracey Kumar-Moore was the awesome wedding coordinator behind this wedding. Some of these images have been blogged already, but here are some of my favorite details from the wedding.

Here's Tracey with Kaylynn and Bill

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