Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brooke & Andrew: Wedding

On Saturday I shot an awesome wedding with the super fun Brooke and Andrew. We started off at the brand new and beautiful Palazzo to catch Brooke getting ready,then headed outside to get some group shots on the Las Vegas Strip.

The beautiful bride

As you can see, Brooke and Andrew and their friends were super fun to shoot and constantly goofing around and laughing which I just loved.

The getaway car...

The handsome groom

As their wedding gift to each other, Brooke and Andrew are getting mustache tattoos on their fingers so they can strike this pose anytime the want. This is just a quick sharpie version. Clearly they're a perfect match :)

Dancing in the streets on the strip, just outside of their reception at Maggiano's


Anonymous said...

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MSD Photography said...

Beautiful pics! I love the jumping photo and especially the mustache photo. Too cute! You've been a busy girl. Can't wait to see more.

Tracey Kumer-Moore said...


Fabulous, amazing,super cool images!

That is why you are on my short list of great photographers!