Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Anna & Ryan

Monday night I headed out with Anna and Ryan to UNLV then onto Lake Las Vegas to do some engagement portraits. It was one heck of a windy day so you'll see lots of flying hair :)

Here are my faves:


Kathy StaffordBeck said...

These are very good pictures, thank-you for capturing my beautiful daughter and her hansome fiance'. I look forward to meeting you at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anna, Love the pictures! Especially the last one. Can't wait to see you!
Deb Bigelow

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I am looking forward to hearing all about your wedding and seeing the pictures your mother will bring back. Even though I am not at the hospital anymore, she and I still have remained close. Enjoy this magical time. Hope I get to see you again and meet your husband soon. Carol Cutler