Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Retouching: Before & After

When you hire a *good* photographer, their job doesn't end after the click of the shutter. We spend hours after the wedding or photo shoot editing and retouching images so you only get the best possible results.

A photographer can be a big investment, but you're paying not only for their time and talent behind the camera, but also their expertise after the pictures are taken... and its worth every penny!

Images come out of the camera looking a bit flat and lifeless, and a bit of photoshop help can really make them *pop*! Here are a few examples:


DrewB said...

Good post Ashley! And the before pictures still look pretty good!

-Matt said...

When you hire an AMAZING photographer, they use Lightroom not photoshop. ;)

Just kidding- good post!

Ashley said...

lol matt, I don't like lightroom =P

Darcie said...

Your pictures are great. Have any advice for a wedding photographer to be... (well I've done several already.. but i'm only 22 and just starting out). I love picking up photoshop tricks. Check out my pics and I'd love advice!

Carrie Hogan said...

Thanks for the advice!!